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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
I would like to see this as part of the site, kind of like the mpg on where you can put in kwh an cubic feet of natural gas used per month and track it with fancy graphs and tag line numbers... yes.

my last bill for living space was around $18.45 for three people with an all electric kitchen (stove, tea pot, fridge) and $45-ish for the meter that runs the hot water heater and natural gas furnace blowers, a bit of that was some 500 watt flood lights for helping with dry wall mudding.
Whuups ! I posted before I saw that you had a similar posting.

How about for this thread, let's compare Kwh used per month.
The reason that I'd like to compare Kwh used, versus total cost of the bill, is that we all get charged a different rate from our utility company for fees such as a " such and such convenience fee " or a state tax charge ...... that sort of thing.
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