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Originally Posted by cmroseberry View Post
...I imagine I am losing some significant heat from the tube for the length that it runs underground since the soil stays around 65 F. When I get in on a new pool installation (as opposed to a retrofit) I will specify that the heat supply tube be insulated before it is buried.
If the water in the pool is to be kept above the temperature of the soil (65 F; EXTREMELY LIKELY) you could also specify that the exterior of the concrete be insulated. This is probably the biggest heat loss area even though the temperature difference is smallest. You could also insulate the underground portion of the pipe going to the Warm Spring, all the way up to the attic.

My **Official** guesses as to improvements:
Insulating the return portion of the pipe from the roof, Exit Temperature +5F
Insulating the send portion of the pipe to the attic, Exit Temperature +3F
Insulating the pool, Pool Temp +5F
--Doing more than one of these will add to the effects of the others

These **Official** guesses are PDOMA (Pulled Driectly Out of My...), but are based on reason. I could run some numbers and see where things fall out with slightly more confidence, but these
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