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Default Name this TXV!

Hello freon folks
My 3/4 ton geo heat pump after 2 years just vibrated a hole in its txv sensor bulb line and hi pressure line out of the compressor. Its a r410 McQuay unit sort of like a ptac but runs off a geo water line. Great for heating/cooling a garage or big room.
I fixed the hi presss line but really don’t want to replace the txv since its so crowded in there. I noticed the bulb line diahragm has a gray nut which seems to attach it to the brass valve body (see pic) and wondered if it could be replaced? The valve is McQuay part no. 106489116 and i can get a new one but would much rather just screw on a new bulb and diaphragm if thats possible even if i have to take it from the new one. Or does anyone recognize the txv type and make?? The brass body has “size 3/4, 18310, 15b, and B20” stamped into it and a paper tag on the diaphragm with the McQuay # above on it but no maker? First i thought about recharging the bulb but i think thats beyond my skill set!

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