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Originally Posted by bulldozer View Post
While looking up cfm for turbine vents, now I'm thinking I need more volume in system. What are thoughts on inlet piping, having 4" entering into cellar and at exit however having 12" piping for run to increase volume. I'm thinking possibly two 12" "storage" sections of piping with 4" inlet and outlet. pipe run from outside to cellar, 4" pipe for first 4' then splits to two 12" pipes then back to a single 4" pipe into cellar. Not sure if the splitting and pipe reductions would greatly affect the air flow, same size on either side.
Slow airflow that is ground Temperature makes a good growth chamber for mold, especially if it is humid. Unless you want to grow mushrooms, having a little breeze is not bad. If you need more surface area, it's better to run multiple smaller diameter pipes. I like the green PVC storm drain pipes. They have thin walls, too.
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