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I put a ventless dryer in my son's 5'th wheel (he is in graduate school and living in it). It works by heating up the drum and then spraying cold water on it. One load takes almost 5 hours for a complete cycle (wash and dry). It uses a LOT of water!

There is another type that essentially uses a dehumidifier (ventless also).

Do you live alone, with kids, have an elderly parent? One person's long load is just another person's convenience.

The problem with venting dryers is that they evacuate all the conditioned air in the home in a short time. Do the math - they use 500-750 ft3 of air per minute. A thirty minute dry uses about 15,000 - 22,500 ft3 per load.

Calculate the volume of a home (1800 ft2 x 8 feet tall = 14,400 ft3).

If you have kids and run the washer/dryer twice a day (at least we did), then figure all the conditioned air in the home is lost with air from the outside coming in to be heated or cooled.

The solution is put the dryer in the garage - or put it in a room where there is a vent for make up air without any connection to the home HVAC.

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