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I hope it doesn't get hotter but.... It was 95* here today and it's still March. We have about 1700-1800ish which is a little on the small side for the two of us. We have one totally unused room called a dining room. Since it's just us we don't eat at a table anymore and the dining room doesn't lend itself to any other uses in our house.

We are still stuck in TX unfortunately... But moving is looking better in the future again. I just find it interesting that the environmentalists keep saying that temps are rising but the figures used for HVAC sizing and other uses still relies on old historical data that should not be used if the environmentalists are right.
So it's either up to us to correct the figures used in calculations as the "book" numbers are wrong or the planet really isn't going to warm...

Sadly the dehumidifier/fresh air unit costs nearly what I paid for my new HVAC system once you figure in the extra units needed for it to function. I still have no idea where I would put the thing or how I would duct it to the house as we aren't fortunate enough to have basements and house designs here make it very difficult.
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