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Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
Ever since they lowered our water pressure from 100 psi to 50 psi or so, we had one toilet that was constantly leaking and one whose tank hardly refilled. And our water bill had gone up about 20%. So today I replaced the two fill valves-- that was surprisingly easy.

Last month, our utility bill was $110 for everything but gas, and water was the majority of that. (The average electricity bill in our area was $105.) So I'm thinking the $14 for new fill valves will pay off fast.

With these speed bumps out of the way, it's on to the fun things! My project list:

1. Clear out one of the bedrooms to rent it.
2. Rehab the 2000 Schwinn Homegrown mountain bike that I bought on Craigslist for $250. This is a truly iconic mountain bike, from the last year before Schwinn sold out. Hand-welded aluminum in the USA, etc.
3. Replace the windows with double-pane.
Good to hear. Course not sure what toilets you have but the best bang for the buck are the toilets that Sam's Club sells. $89 dual flush and are quite hard to plug up and come with everything for install even a soft close seat. But never use a wax seal. Get the urethane one as it fits odd floors and is reusable.

That's pretty low for utilities. We will probably be in the 150 range this month for electricity as summer is here now. High 90s to 100 and barely getting below 80 at night and high humidity. IE 96* and 53% humidity. And the heat isn't even here yet. Will see if the new ac really uses less electricity...

As for the schwinn. I used to have an old one. The one with the two long levers to change gears. It was awful for shifting as you just moved the lever and hoped it would hit the right gear. Rode allot of miles on it then bought a mountain bike. Didn't ride it much and it's been stored at my parents place for 20 years or so. Last time I rode a bike I nearly killed myself. Yes you do forget how to ride a bike or at least loose confidence in turning and leaning over.
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