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I will being looking for a cheap used manual. Thanks for the advise.

Yes condensation was a good friend of mines first words when I told him the idea. I now see it as you do, it should not be a issue.

TXV would get complicated for sure. But would be awesome in a future system.

I was thinking a bigger line, being maybe 3/8 or 5/16. But if I went with 2 1/4 I would be getting good enough flow and not loosing as much pressure to get the lubricate up. Plus I think it would help to spread the temperature out a little better.

A random idea I had today, how cool would it be if you could pipe all your hot water users (dishwasher, showers, sink) into a special holding tank that had the DX loop in it. It would be recovering some of the heat from the already heated water. I know that would probably be against code in most places, but here in MS as long as that water makes it back into your septic system its legal. Just an idea.

Back on topic, I like the cap tube being at the average water table, maybe 15 feet down? With the water table being so high I think I will be better off than all the way at the bottom.

Now I need to look into running a DX line into my 2 acre pond (17 feet deep) from my 4 ton central heat pump. I'm going to have to start up a copper factory soon.

I am also trying to get in contact with a DX installer in Memphis, TN. He said he would answer some questions for me.
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