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Originally Posted by MEMPHIS91 View Post
Yes I was just on that page myself. I love diagrams. Those bore holes are at 120 feet. Boy that is deep.
Random thought, if acid is the problem why can I not dump some powdered line into the bore hole as im filling it with sand? Maybe even some sea shells that will release lime over a long period of time?
DX - Direct Exchange Equipment Options This site claims it 25% better than water loops.
NO ONE does DX around my area even though we have awesome ground for it, strange.
Really great ideas about dealing with PH.

I was also thinking about where your expansion device (cap tube) should go...

Maybe at the top of the hole, before the entire trip... maybe at the bottom of the hole, before the trip back to the top?

If you went for the bottom, the cap tube is pretty fragile, but once you were certain that there were no leaks, you could cast the bottom assembly in plastic or tar... concrete might be too corrosive.

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