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Please excuse the quality of this work... Im not a tin knocker, and my brake isnt big enough for even small work like this.

The evap outlet needed to be redirected to the same side as the condenser inlet, so I cut the top off the blower housing. This left me with a 7x4.5" hole. Admittedly, the size of the radius I used is excessive and made it a bit tall. The fitting is a offset reducing elbow, that takes the 7x4.5 and outlets as a 6x5. From the outlet will be a transition to a 6" round. At the moment Im moving 365cfm at the throat, need to have 300cfm in the final product. 6" is speced at 100cfm, so its not ideal, but it will only be a short run. Still have the option to use 8" if I change my mind. The condenser will have a 6" (or 8) round to rectangle transition for the inlet. The condenser outlet is just a side discharge, which helps prevent mixing with the evap inlet. Im considering adding a small second coil in a side discharge before the existing condenser that will act as a ambient precooler and take better advantage of the cooler indoor air. It will also draw air across the compressor and fan motors, as that interior pocket will become quite stagnant (which originally was cooled by the condenser fan). It draws way more condensate out than I expected which is a plus. The sh/sc numbers are still off, will see how the extra coil and txv change that. Will do a direct before/after numbers comparison in each step for anyone interested.

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