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I dont imagin the cop will suffer too much since the condenser will be getting conditioned inside air across it instead of 90 something outside air. I know its not going to be great since im already seeing 15-20* difference between ambient and liquid line temps... But the main thing is I needed ballanced airflow in a ductable form. I could always tack in some extra coil space into the heater cavity. I wasnt totally clear in my descrition, but I used a heatpump evaporator on the conenser side as the plumbing is much more favorable to my uses than the straightcool coils. The direction of flow through the coil results in lower final liquid temperature, and it has more rows. I should have taken side by side photos for yall to pick at. Curiously, the condensers on these units, while nearly double in fin surface, use less passes of smaller tubing than the evaporators. They did use a higher flow fan for sure, that was also significantly higher in wattage and a serious amount more noise due to the high rpm/ static pressures. No good way in this setup to take advantage of evaporating the condensate for free subcooling, but depending on my suction temps, I may gain a little from a small recovery exchanger. Once I get things a little more finalized, Ill get some solid readings to see how it actually does.

As far as controls go, these arnt the most typical of systems. The main relay board is a dumb board with the power supply, optos, relays, thermister filtering, and current sense circuits. The front board does all the thinking and just uses logic level outputs. The brain itself is an EMC950(cant read the rest). Unless the orig logic works to my needs, Im probably just going to ditch it and link a rPi to the existing main board. Least that way I can come up with a stragtigy that accounts for indoor/outdoor temp and humidity.
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