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Damn, the Bolt is in California, the pacific NW and New York. Not in my area either - yet.

This is going to be a very interesting choice for me this fall. Bolt vs the new Leaf. Both will have similar ranges, the Bolt will have more production miles on it as the Leaf will come out this fall. But the Leaf will have some autonomous driving capability . . .

Then who offers the best lease . . . .

Lots of questions, but it is an exciting time indeed.

Roboroni, Look forward to your owner appraisal of features and your hard nosed perspective. I didn't know your area of NY had much wind potential. Here we have a lot of wind, but putting up a 10 kW wind generator is a BIG deal as it is a hefty tower and my tower climbing days are over. The other issue is cost. A wind turbine, watt for watt, is 4-5 times that of a self installed PV system which is mostly nuts and bolts on a rooftop.

On the other hand, wind are solar are very complimentary; solar is best in day,whereas wind peaks generally at night.

What type of wind turbine are you thinking of?

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