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Default Chevy Bolt

I almost didn't want to like it and we expected it to be a 238 mile range Leaf but found the Bolt to be a really fun car to drive with lots of pep and good handling in a very well thought out car.
After watching tons of YT's on the Bolt, both pro and con, and browsing the Bolt forum we expected the seats to be to narrow and the interior to be chintzy but they were fine. Sure the interior wasn't as nice as the Subaru I traded in but the Subaru killed us over the years with one problem after another and we were glad to get rid of it.

Bottom line, we leased it for three years. I'm watching gas prices rise again, the higher they go the better our choice was. Funny, I never saw it that way before getting the EV.

We're going more and more full electric now. Electric riding mower, tiller and string trimmers for the yard and now I see Mitsubishi is selling mini-splits that have high efficiency even at low temps like we get here.

I'm still way ahead on my electric bill so the thought of driving with no cost per mile, oil changes, antifreeze, transmissions, timing belts, mufflers, spark plugs, etc. is very appealing.

We'll see how the Bolt holds up and what will be available in three years. I'm wondering what the roll back on fuel standards will create. Will people go back to gas guzzlers? That's a scary but possible thought, after all car companies make a good buck on them and with less restrictions and no compliance car requirements the picture for EV's isn't as bright as it was before last November.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.
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