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Default About diodes

The 1N4004 is a silicon diode, it's a member of the 1N00x series of diodes 1N4001 has a peak inverse voltage (PIV) of 50 volts, the top 1N4007 has a PIV of 1000V, silicon diodes have ~ a .7 volt forward voltage drop (insertion loss). I buy these diodes by the hundred for 7 cents each, I always buy the 1N4007 because they work in ANY application calling for a diode in the 1N00x series.

At one amp, which these diodes are rated at, the drop will be .7 volts across the diode.

Shottky diodes have much less insertion loss, a 1N5819 has about a .25 to .35 voltage drop under load but the schottky diode has higher leakage than silicon diodes. For PV's you must put a diode in series with the battery or the battery will discharge into the module. For low current applications you can use a 1N5817 or a 1N5819, the 1N5817 has a lower PIV, the leakage is low enough on these diodes that the module won't drain the battery at night.

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