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Thank you, gadget and MN Renovator.

@gadget, I did consider a masonry heater, but I couldn't find a place for it in my current schematic. As for radiant floor heating, I'm personally nervous of water damages where I can't see; but I do like the concept and love it in other people's houses.

@MN Renovator, as you noted, I'm more concerned about cooling than heating, especially cooling during the really hot days when there's a planned or unplanned power outage. I'm expecting more frequent planned power outages in the coming years conducted by PG&E to supposedly lessen the risks of wild fires.

Just FYI, the energy costs here with PG&E are:
- for electricity, 22.981 cents / kWh
- for natural gas, 8.425 cents / kWh

However, I do plan to have plenty of solar panels and a battery hopefully good for 3+ cloudy days when there is a power outage. My thinking is to get the most out of "free" solar energy throughout the year, while not draining the battery too much during power outages.

I don't think I can go completely electric: my wife still wants a gas range and I think I still want gas for the water heater (but could be convinced to switch). (The renter gets an induction cooktop in the ADU for sure.)

For the "big room" (15f x 45f = 675 sq ft), I figure ductwork would get the space heated / cooled faster and more uniformly. On the other hand, is it possible to have multiple "air handlers" per "air condenser" in one mini-split setup? If so, then maybe I'll go completely electric with heating and cooling and no ductwork.

(Yes, I have had issues with ductwork before. In my previous house with just 1680 sq ft, the *new* ductwork was pretty bad that there was a 3F ~ 4F difference between the two ends of the house.)

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