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If you are building new, consider radiant floor heat throughout the entire house. I would also look into a geo exchange for any heat pumps so you can go water to water with the radiant. If your building, now is the time to consider it while everything is torn up.

Radiant heat is way more comfortable then scorched air.

If I was building new, the house would be designed around solar heating directly from the sun as a base. Well insulated. I would not do any air ducting but instead would have a central masonry heater as backup heat.

I think multiple heat pumps would be over complication. Its so easy to just move water around from one source. Plus, it may be hard to find a mini heat pump small enough for one room so you would be looking at DIY.

I'm a DIYer and am working on a couple of heat pumps but ultimately I am going to buy a small heat pump down the road that is UL listed for the house. DIY for the greenhouses is fine for me. I'm trying to find a small 2 ton water to water and they are not common in that size.
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