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Default 1bluebox, how is the project progressing?


Originally Posted by 1blueox View Post
I'm making a counter-flow air to air exchanger out of plywood and aluminum foil as an experiment...
This sounds like a worthy project.

From my Internet research, it learned that there are two types of air energy recovery schemes. One uses non-porous membrane material, like aluminum foil, and the other uses a porous material that will allow condensing water to re-humidify incoming air. This might suggest other materials for you to try.

Also, it would seem to me that you'd want to go much thinner than 1x2 for your membrane separator. I'd think that membrane spacing on the order of 1/8 inch would be more in the ball park.

I also came across a DIY ERV discussion wherein someone was considering using a material like plastic food wrap for the membrane material. Seems like such a material would be cheap, easy to work with, quiet, and unaffected by condensation.

As my home insulation and infiltration project progresses, I'm beginning to notice that the controlled admission of new air is now required keep the comfort level at an acceptable level.



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