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Default A very home-made exchanger

These are fascinating posts. Somebody asked about plans for 180 degree counter-flow exchangers so I thought I'd post.

I'm making a counter-flow air to air exchanger out of plywood and aluminum foil as an experiment. The design is very simple: imagine a piece of plywood as wide as the foil and as long as you want. Along the long edges are 1x2's to support the foil. Then the foil is laid on them. On top of the foil at its edges are another pair of 1x2's, with another sheet of plywood on top. Imagine folding the whole thing back on itself every couple of feet giving you two channels for the air, separated by foil (obviously you can't fold the plywood, that's just to give the concept). Add two small fans to move the air, some duct work at each end, and there you have it!

Those of you with far more experience than I have can improve on materials and dimensions, but if the foil is 18 inches wide and maybe 30 feet long, it should do a pretty good job. Humidity is not much of a factor where I live, but if condensation becomes a problem I'll clearly have to modify things a bit. This version is just for my own fun.
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