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Well the problem is buying BOTH systems. To net-meter, I'd probably go with a SolarEdge system. No Batteries, no charge controllers, different inverters and a different wiring scheme. Going completely off grid first would mean I'd have to buy all of the grid-tie components later. Running with the grid as my "backup generator" is also costly due to the price we pay per kw/h. We have the standard three tier TOU pricing, but then we have added "delivery charges" such that we pay in the end about $0.26/kwh.
I appreciate the cheering section - there are actually thousands of people here awaiting the same ability to connect. I've applied over 25 times, from a 10kw all the way down to 1kw system. All have been rejected - not due to actual "capacity on the feeder" as a 1kw system wouldn't even make it to the end of my driveway! It is all political.


Howdy neighbor! I've also worked on the most costly items - we heat almost 100% with wood - just cleaning up the trees that fall down in our 20 acre bush lot. In 20 years I've yet to have to cut a live tree. Also added an evacuated tube solar hot water heater which enables me to turn off the electric water heater at the panel from May to October.
As to price point, I believe we have hit "solar parody" with the rates we pay in rural Ontario. If I were building new I wouldn't even consider connecting to the grid - even with the cost of battery replacements I can still produce power for about $0.13 - $0.18/kwh.

For me the biggest issue is getting the fam on board - I don't want to end up getting divorced because my wife cant have a hot shower! She is a self proclaimed "techno peasant" so my system needs to be very automatic...thus the grid-tied net-metering option would be my #1 choice to retain marital harmony and cost savings! Every fiber in my body would get an immense satisfaction from telling Hydro One to come and disconnect my service though!

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