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We are living just down the road and are quite familiar with the power line constraints of our electrical distributer. Our project is going forward to reduce drastically the amount of energy we purchase.

We had began with the issues of burning fossil fuels (furnace oil) and the huge costs both environmentally and financially. The answer was solar hot water and geothermal heat-pumps. Systems which involved both DIY (which was gleaned from information here) and purchased systems.

My approach had been to concentrate on the most costly expenditures (space heating) and work down the list. We had cut our energy bill by more than half.

Now our transportation costs are about to take a drastic cost reduction by going to EV's I'm now driving by the gasoline stations noting the price is again climbing and glad I'm no-longer feeling that pain.

As you have seen solar PV cost-wise is at the tipping point and the support equipment (inverters and controls) have gotten so much better. So IMHO there has never been a better time to embrace disruptive technology. I don't believe for a moment any protesting we submit to our local power distributer will cause them to adjust their way. We'll have to do it on our own.!!

We are forging ahead with a stand-alone system of using PV generated power when available switching back to grid when required. Starting with 4Kw growing to 10Kw and followed by 20 Kw. then hopefully to a battery system. Ultimately reducing what electrical power we purchase immensely and living better for it.!

I admire what guys like pinballlooking and gasstingy have been able to do with their electrical cost. They are quite fortunate their distributers have embraced the micro generators. But even-more their foresight into cleaner energies. Hopefully we can inspire more.

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