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earloflondon, there is no reason I can think of that you can't do what some other folks I know are doing. First, build a completely off grid setup, then install a generator transfer switch as if you would if you added an emergency generator and connect your off grid system to that transfer switch.

That allows you to use your power as long as you have it available, and turn on the grid when you need more than you produced. It also lets the local utility know that there are folks who understand that they aren't as dependent on them as they believe their ratepayers to be.

FWIW, I'm cheering you along from the sidelines to win the battle. I went through a two and a half year battle with my local utulity before being allowed to go solar. Someone has to go first, I reasoned, and it turned out to be me.... And, that was not at all a fun process.
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