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Default Bought a used Heat Pump Dryer for cheap and here's why.

This model is a Whirlpool Model number WED7990FW and is labeled a Hybrid series. It retailed new for about $1500.

The craigslist ad said that the family is moving and it won't fit where they are going. The rest of the story wasn't until I got there. It goes something like this... My wife says it takes too long for the clothes to dry. She just doesn't like how long it takes to dry.

He added that the unit was very expensive and he would transfer the warranty over to me. It's an extended warranty from Lowe's until 2022. He was selling if for $250 which he reduced a few times from the original ad. He even threw in a mini refrigerator. Not sure what I got myself into.....

After I got it home and help with unloading it, I took a flashlight out for a better look. You will see why it didn't work very well.

Most of the dryer unit was taken apart, vacuumed, air blasted, washed and reassembled. It was just put to the test about 2 hours ago. It is a bit louder than a regular dryer, but not by much. The unit is not vented and I noticed the laundry room was a bit warmer. I like that it is not vented because it's just another way to remove conditioned air from the house!

I am not sure if the problem with the lint is from a bad design, poor maintenance, or poor assembly practices at the factory. I found one foam seal not in the factory position and a metal heat shield out of alignment.

I suspect these units are going to be popping up more often on Craigslist now that I have had a chance to see how long it takes to get one apart, cleaned and reassembled. The techs are probably going to say it's broke or not worth fixing.

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