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Default Turkey in a Hybrid wood fired Propane Parrilla


Here it is Thanksgiving in Canada Eh and its a beautiful day Oct 12/2015. The weather this time of year can be a little inhospitable rain cool and not conducive for a BBQ. But today the norm is not the norm and its really nice.

I've been wanting to do this for years a turkey on the Argentine wood Parrilla(BBQ).
However it requires some Macgyvering. The problem is that to maintain a good bed of coals to cook the turkey though would be a lot of work and a lot of wood not to mention drying the turkey out

I had rescued a cast iron burner from a propane BBQ and adapted to the Parrilla to cook the turkey

The idea is this cook the turkey slowly while wrapped to keep it moist then un-wrap and finish over some wood coals to impart the wood flavor and hopefully not dry the bird out.

So far so good.


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