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Spent some time today on enhancing the controls. The 5 ton is now sporting the safety switches.
1/ If the H/P losses it's charge of refrigerant it will stop.
2/ If it, for some reason like a freeze=up and the high side goes ballistic it will stop.
3/ If I get liquid causing a freeze=up, the cold control will also limit out and stop.

I can't believe, it took all day!!??

Hopefully I've cover all the bases there.

Now the next beautiful thing is some new relays operating zone valves, circulation pumps and compressor. The two zones are the office in-floor heating and the shop air handler. These two zones operate at different temperatures sensed with separate thermostats. The office floor about 28 Deg C and the shop air temp 18 Deg C.

Its -10 Deg. C. O/S air temp at 8:20 pm The shop had actually cooled off more from the weekend set back temp and me having it turned off for the day rewiring. Just started it up at a shop temp of 8 Deg. C. and office floor at 7 Deg. C.

Bring on the -22 Deg. C. I'm ready

Tonight I think I'll let the office floor warm up and leave the shop to start up at 6:00 am. All about saving a few bucks.

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