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August's bills are all tabulated now. Here's what they look like for that month:

Gas - $32.64
Electricity - $52.20
Water - $33.35

Other expenses:

Cable - $51.65
Telephone - $54.55
Insurance - $22.42
Wireless Internet - $0.00
Condo Fees - $125.00
Mortgage + Property Tax - $1406.69

Total August '09 Expenses: $1,778.50

Rent collection from roommates: $1,455.00 (more people moved out and new people moved in with higher rent. Next month will be crazy as there's a young couple moving into the master bedroom! )

Monthly deficit: $323.50


The 6-month promotional offers of some of the bills have expired. Looks like gas consumption and electricity are under control (the flat service charges are almost just as much as the usage charges ). Water bill isn't too bad either. Accelerated mortgage payment even further this month.
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