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Default Instead of Solar...

Has anyone heard of this? I think I may have had a little light bulb come on.
I have been trying to brain storm for some time about how to make my house more “green” (a.k.a. cheap consumers bills). Well today I came up with an idea that I don’t think I have heard anyone mention. It consists of two “green” lifestyles. Composting and heating water with off grid tech. My idea, if you haven’t already figured it out... Came to me while I was watching this youtube video, see video below.
Now, I am not sure about you but as soon as I found out how hot a compost pile gets. I thought to myself... WATER HEATER! Has any one done this? I would love to hear your comments! Why isn’t everyone doing this?
From my site...
Instead of Solar

Youtube video that mad me think of it...

Any one? Would this work?

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