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We get 3-4 feet of frost, so everything has to come out, storing them in ice chest and every few days checking on them to see if they are still a friendly temp works really well if you can't leave stuff in the ground if it's as warm as i sounds near you basjoos, you might try growing in cold frames year round basically mini green house made out of an old window, hinge it so it opens up to get at the food, spinach, cabbage, kale and a bunch of other veggies are good to grow that way.

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I leave carrots in the ground until I need them. If you have cold winters, put a layer of mulch over them in the fall to keep them from being exposed to temps below 10F, although there are cold hardier cultivars specifically bred for overwintering. Around here, the ground doesn't freeze solid for more then a few days, so there's no problem digging them as needed.
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