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Default Inscrutable Thermostat...

The inscrutable thermostat (AKA: WH7016 Ultimate) arrived today. It only took 11 days, but it feels like that many months.

Here is a photo of the unit:

The appearance of build quality looks pretty good.

Here's a photo of the top of the unit:

The silk screen matches the terminals on the back... so far we're good to go (but what are terminals 5 & 6 all about?).

There are also instructions included:

...this is where it could get sticky.

I Googled the model number and found instructions in English that appear to jive.

So I have learned that the unit is intended for Peltier Junction control (may be a problem), uses a Sensor NTC 10K / 3435 thermister for the temperature sensor, and that the display is only in Celsius (not a deal breaker) and that there is a menu system that must be used to enter the desired set-point, and upper limit set-point, and lower limit set-point, and upper-limit alarm, and lower limit alarm, and hysterisis.

Sounds interesting so far. Could turn out to be a Chinese puzzle.

More later.

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