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Xringer: The first iteration of my project will be grid powered. I'm also thinking that single-axis tracking will be sufficient - I'll just set the tilt to match the winter sun angle.

Thanks for the link to the 120w panel. I eventually want about 2500kW of solar panels, 1500w-ish wind generator, and gridtie inverter. We bought a house on a cleared acre just before this last Thanksgiving. I also have plans to build a two-story 24x30 detached shop/garage this summer.

On the subject of dump loads, I've always thought it would cool to have a programmable dump load controller that could route the power to a number of different things - vehicle engine block heaters, a domestic hot water heater, hot tub heater, etc. This way that surplus electricity could be put to some really good use. I don't know that such a thing exists, but maybe some quality time spent with an Arduino would do the trick.
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