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Hi Jeff and welcome.
Today, I'm waiting for another actuator to show up. The first one has some limit switch issues.

I have located a 120w panel that might be good for a 12V back-up type system.
The min-order is 2, so I would have a little over-kill with 240 watts..
Most of the better panels at this site have min-orders of 20 or 100..

120w solar panel, solar module 120w
Total cost with shipping looks to be about $707 which is less than anything I've seen lately.

This panel was about $200 more back in the summer of 2007.
120w mono-crystalline solar panel for only $475

These smaller footprint panels should be a good size for my mount.

Now, I'm thinking about what to use for a 'Dump Load' when the batteries
are fully charged. Maybe something like this..
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