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I've studied the limit-switch problem for a week and I've decided that whatever I add on to the mount is going to be subject to failure, due to sun exposure and/or winter icing.

I think the best solution is to buy an actuator with built-in adjustable limit switches. Faster and easier too.

QARL-2418 HV-18 18" Stroke 24V Motech Heavy Duty Actuators

This one has a lot of power and should be able to do the job.
Found it for $109(shipped) on ebay.. Is there a similar unit around for less?

Feb 22, pulled the trigger on this item. Ebay is going to ruin my retirement account!!

Feb 23.. The Actuator is in the mail (UPS).

March 4, replacement Actuator came today. With a little tweaking, the end-limit switches operate correctly, this one is a keeper.
It came with a UPS label to return the bad one. It's ready to go.

I've been looking at racking for my Solar Tracker Project and I can see that
the width (~41") of the more powerful panels is going to be a problem.
So, I might try to start off with some lower power panels and use enough
to fill the racking foot print. Which I think is going to be about 8x10 feet.

Due to the short post, the center of mass is only about 6' off the ground.

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