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A couple of days ago, I made a "Best Offer" of $20 on a Ramsond unit and the gave me
the $20 price this morning.. Now, I'll be getting two of them..
(I've got two 12V batteries).

Their specs are pretty good. So, if you are looking for a 12V battery charger,
don't bid, but just make a low-ball "Best Offer" on a Buy it Now and see if you can get one for 10 or 15 bucks!

Edit: They decided to ship both units in one box, and I may be getting 3, due to a mistake.?.

990 Available!

Feb 12 note:
One of the Ramsond units came in today. It's smaller that I expected. Very compact.

Feb 11 note:
The PV panel came in today. Appears to be good quality. I should have ordered more.

A quick test with a 12V tail light showed 10.8V at 0.55A. The OCV was 20.8V. So, I think it's going to work.

Feb 11 note:
Assembled tracker PCB. Still working on optical unit.

Feb 12 note:
Disassembled dish and started reconfiguring the mount for sun tracking.

It was about 40 today, so I stripped the antenna off the mount.

This is the east side of the mount with the elevation screw.

This is the west side of the mount, with the actuator jack screw/motor and actuator arm.

Right now, the mount is looking west, I'll need to loosen the 5 large bolts
and twist the mount to the south.

I'm not seeing an easy way to install the limit switches..

Note 2/13/2010

Tested the new charger and it seems to be working so far..

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