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Daox 10-17-08 11:21 AM

DIY Rocket stove - simple and runs on twigs!
Interesting and simple brick stove. This would make for a great back yard setup IMO.

Homegrown Evolution: Our Rocket Stove

toyobug 10-22-08 02:38 PM

that is freaking cool man! any ideas on building one that could be portable?

kbhale 05-06-10 01:23 AM

This fits in so well with what I want to do. Heat water and my home.

YouTube - DRTV: Rocket Stoves

YouTube - Lynx Rocket Stove Monotube Steam Boiler

kbhale 05-07-10 01:11 AM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 742)
Interesting and simple brick stove. This would make for a great back yard setup IMO.

Homegrown Evolution: Our Rocket Stove

I hope to have something very similar to this, by the time I need to cold pack the garden vegetables.
It would have been great the last two weekends when I brew some Ale. Bringing a mash tun up to 150F and boiling the 13 gallon of wort for an hour, sucks up some natural gas. I'll need to add some type of diverter, so I can adjust the heat going to what I'm cooking. Any ideas on help controlling the heat?

Daox 05-07-10 05:56 AM

I'd think some sort of air vent with a valve to allow the heat to bypass the cooking surface would work nicely.

Ryland 05-07-10 07:41 AM

A friend of mine has been making these for a few years no, his latest is a portable one about the size of a large boot that is made out of refractory cement and sawdust, cast in a cardboard form.

kbhale 05-08-10 12:09 AM
8 inch over 6 inch. notched it so the 8 inch would touch bottom of barrel.
Used a mix of Perlite and clay cat litter to insulate the riser. Used broken brick and some volcanic rock to hold things in place and heat sink.
Need to make the riser little taller.

Xringer 05-08-10 11:36 AM

Neat!! Here's the cute little portable model for those don't want to DIY..
Grover Rocket Stove - Preparedness Saves The Day

If one was handy with metal, he could make and sell these things on Ebay..

And, if the economy keeps going the way it's going now, these things
could be worth their weight in $100 bills, before long.. :rolleyes:

kbhale 05-10-10 01:48 AM

Coiled 120 foot of half inch copper around the outside of the riser. I should have found someway to fasten the coil of copper to the lid for better heat exposer. Placed fire brick around the fire chamber, don't think the metal will hold up. Added a chimney to draw the heat down over the copper.

Was able two raise 450 gallon of water 2 degrees with a five gallon bucket full of paper and wood.

Going to go ahead and Permanent mount it in the shed, so I can insulate it and set up the controls and pump. Think I'm going to add a batch tank on top of it.

Xringer 05-10-10 10:53 PM

Doesn't that double chimney, with the air gap slow down the heat transfer to the copper tube?

Seems like you would get hotter water by installing a coil between the two chimneys.

If I was going to make one of these cookers to heat water,
I would be tempted to try putting a coil inside the main chimney wall,
right in the flame.
Maybe just on the top half, so the bottom section could heat up properly,
to create the draft needed for a hot fire.

I wonder how your chimney would work, if you filled the air-gap between
the chimney walls with sand or gravel?
It would take longer to warm up and really start drafting, but the sand
would conduct the heat to the copper coil.?. Maybe?

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