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pablo 09-21-17 09:26 AM

Hi everyone!

I live in Quebec, Canada. Bonjour! / Hola / Hello. ;)

We have a cottage with very modest power needs. It's my main project. Eventually I plan on doing something at our home sans batteries.

I started out with low end solar panels and used car batteries.

Currently I have:
  • 40a mppt controller
  • 2 x 280 watt panels, connected in parallel since only one is ever in the sun
  • 2 x 6v Costco Golf Cart batteries, connected in serial for 12 VDC, 220 AH.

I purposely do not have an inverter in the system as most of our needs are 12 VDC.

I'll post in a more appropriate forum an interesting phenomena I am seeing. I'm not sure whether it's me not understanding something or whether there's an issue. ;)

For now, I just wanted to say hi!


Daox 09-21-17 10:28 AM

Hello and welcome to the site Pablo! That sounds like a fun project you have there.

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