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jwxr7 01-19-09 01:13 PM

I need to check mine for snow more often.

I've thought about using the pole mount for my big old satellite dish. I could reuse the linear actuator and come up with some sort of active tracking system. The pole is already in the same area as my pv set-up.

On friday I pulled over 1200whrs from the sun :cool:. That's over 6 hours of full inverter output. I need more days like that :).

Daox 01-19-09 01:20 PM

Wow very nice. How many times did you adjust it on Friday?

jwxr7 01-19-09 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 1777)
Wow very nice. How many times did you adjust it on Friday?

I don't adjust mine other than seasonally, so that was a fixed rack production #.

jwxr7 01-19-09 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by MetroMPG (Post 1738)
But it's sobering to realize how small a fraction of total power usage it is.

I think the general public vastly overestimates the power production capabilities of solar, if the number of people who suggest I power the electric car with PV is any indication. They need to see a thread like this to get a better idea.

Very true. On a good sunny day you might offset the power used by accessories :D. Plus these panels are fairly heavy and large, so it would be impractical to have on a moving car. They could mount on a full size truck over the bed or on a big stationwagon's roof, but not a metro :).

james 01-19-09 07:04 PM

Yes, people don't really think about how much energy is used to move a car down the road. You'd have to be a rich man to do it with solar power. Lights, stereo, and computer use very little by comparison.

jwxr7 01-21-09 07:08 AM

here's a summary of the last 7 days production from january 14th thru the 20th;

wed, 40 whrs
thurs, 560 whrs
friday, 1280 whrs
sat, 140 whrs
sun, 440 whrs
mon, 1060 whrs
tues, 1300 whrs

Daox 01-21-09 07:28 AM

Those numbers are looking pretty darn good. Almost 700 Wh a day from such a small setup!

dogbreath 01-21-09 12:58 PM

OK gang- does anyone know of a pv for newbies resource? Tons of ignorance needing to be modified to slight knowledge. Thx

Daox 01-21-09 01:47 PM

If I were you, I'd start here:

Solar Photovoltaic Projects

dogbreath 01-21-09 08:07 PM

Thanks Daox, exactly what I needed.

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