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SVOboy 10-19-13 08:58 AM

Built-in Above Head Shelving
Hi all,

Wish I'd taken a picture, but I'm stupid.

In my new house here in Japan they are rather low door trims (about 5'8") and above that around the edge of my bedroom I'd like to put in some book/junk shelving. Should be strong enough to hold books and not look terrible.

I haven't much experience with woodworking (at least not in my adult life). Think I can accomplish this fairly easily? I worry the the length of the shelf along the room and the lack of bottom support might make it complicated. Thoughts?


sunspot 10-19-13 11:14 AM

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Originally Posted by SVOboy (Post 32491)
Hi all,

I'd like to put in some book/junk shelving.

Here's an example of one way to do it. These shelves are in my shop - excuse the mess it's a project in progress. The lower shelves are on stamped steel "L" brackets and the upper shelf is supported by chains (I expect to put significant weight on the upper one). The back edge of the upper one is supported by a cleat fastened to the wall.

Cheers, Greg

Daox 10-19-13 04:41 PM

I don't know what they have in Japan, but here you can just go to the store and buy shelves (wood planks), and mounting brackets. Add a few screws and you're done.

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