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arnesr 11-13-18 02:16 PM

Our 16.7 kW produced only 1.33MWh, down from 1.428MWh in 2017.

We had a lot of rain and cloudy weather last month that really cut down production. Also being farther north (WI) the numbers really dip down from October - February. Best month this year was July, with 2.788MWh produced. We are on pace for a 5 year payback, about $3,200 worth of electricity generated in the first year of install(Sept 2017).

nokiasixteth 11-17-18 08:43 PM

Mine have been running almost a year now . Have put out about 6.39 Mwh :)

where2 11-18-18 05:46 PM

5+ years into solar generation, I'm at 30.6MWh produced to date. As others have said, not having solar would have meant I would have used the 30.6MWh and paid the power company including their profit margin. As it is, the 30.6MWh is just the beginning of the energy my array will produce over its lifetime.

pinballlooking 11-18-18 08:46 PM

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I like seeing the MWh saved by everyone.

5 years plus I am @ 104 MWh Produced to date. I look at the number and just say Wow that is a lot of power I did not have to pay the power company for.
I was able to power my car 90K EV mile during this time save buying gasoline for all those miles. That is a lot more saving than just power.
We now heat with mini splits so the natural gas savings substantial over that time.

CrankyDoug 12-02-18 04:40 PM

I'm beginning to wish I still lived in Aiken SC. Winters were sometimes cold but at least we had sun. Here in west Georgia the winters are as dreary as Oregon.

I was in a hurry to get my PV DHW system up and running but we haven't had three days of sun in three weeks.

pinballlooking 12-03-18 07:47 PM

Yes you would get a little more sun in SC.

12.5 kW array we generated 1,034 kWh November 2018

November 2018= 1,034 kWh.
November 2017= 1,196 kWh
November 2016= 1,333 kWh
November 2015= 955 kWh
November 2014= 1,348 kWh
Highest one day November 2018 = 60.3 kWhs

We are now using our banked power. We used 538 KWH banked power
we have 1,389 banked power left.

Other solar producers show us your numbers for November when you have them.

where2 12-06-18 06:32 PM

My 4.4kW array:
November 2018 = 412kWh
November 2017 = 448kWh
November 2016 = 423kWh
November 2015 = 415kWh (yes, the same as 2014 within 0.3kWh)
November 2014 = 415kWh
November 2013 = 368kWh

Certainly would have made roughly 14kWh more last month if I'd gotten on the roof and investigated the one panel that I was having an output issue with. The adjacent panels had 20.0 and 21.2kWh output for the month. The one I repaired had 6.75kWh output for the month. However, that's about $1.68 worth of energy at my local rates.

For anyone on the fence about PV, I saw pricing at $0.54/W today, including Enphase M215 inverters... Shipping, Racking, and Cabling, extra, but cross country shipping for a pallet was $450 last spring (CA to FL).

ME_Andy 01-20-19 04:44 PM

Our December was 333 kWh from a 3.66 kW system. It looks like the average is about 90-95 kWh of production per kW of panel, at least between myself and where2 in November/December.

NeilBlanchard 01-20-19 08:10 PM

You did quite well relative to the capacity. Our 10.1kW system produced 773.3kWh in December.

The longer daylight (9:34 today - but who's counting?) means higher potential. We were maxing at 35kWhm and now it hits over 37kWh.

Today we had our first snow storm of the winter, and we got zero.

ME_Andy 01-21-19 03:22 PM

I'm curious, what month do you guys hit peak power? We haven't seen more than 3.33 kW from our nominal 3.66kW system yet, but Nov/Dec probably aren't the best months. It would be cool to hit "maximum."

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