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Xringer 05-26-11 06:33 PM

WORX 14.5-Amp Electric Chain Saw
If you plug this into your solar PV Inverter, it's really green.. :D

Worx Yard Tools Canada - Electric Leaf Blowers, Cordless Leaf Vaccums

I have an old McCulloch gas Chainsaw and it's blade is only about 14" long.
And, besides being so old that it has no safety features, there are a lot
of other things that I don't like about that very noisy 2-stroke..

This WORX has a lot more power and, as the wise men say, it starts every time!

I already own a very small E-chainsaw-on-a-stick. Extension pruning saw?
Anyways, when I took it off the FG stick, I found it to be as capable as
the McCulloch.. Remington brand I think. It works great.
But, it was a bit too small for my current needs.
(As you get older, the trees start getting massive).. :eek:

GreenWorks 20032 13 Amp 18" Corded Chain Saw -

Daox 06-06-11 10:08 AM

I've never heard of Worx. I'd be interested in hearing how it holds up over time. How much have you used it so far?

Xringer 06-06-11 12:55 PM

I've used it a couple of times. Yesterday, I had to cut up some big limbs we removed with the rope saw.
Before that, I cut down a medium sized tree, and the saw is very powerful when
compared with my old Gas saw. Of course it's bigger and heavier. :)
The reviews were mostly excellent..

NeilBlanchard 03-30-12 04:42 AM

I have an electric chainsaw; a 16" Poulan and it works very well. And I have a Remington electric pole saw, with is a 10" chainsaw on a pole.

Is Worx the Lowes in-house brand?

Xringer 03-30-12 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Adam Worth (Post 20997)
Wow! That's a great tool!Would you recommend it as a first chainsaw? I really want to buy one and I can't find any useful reviews..
Adam Worth
cnc machines for sale

I like mine, and I think it cuts better than my small McCulloch gas chainsaw.
Compared to my Remington mini-electric-chainsaw, (pruning type)
it's a lot more powerful. :)

My saw can only run on 120vac, so be careful when ordering.. (If you only have 220vac).

Here's the only supplier I see in Romania.

Sos Alexandriei 229
Bucuresti 032171 Bucuresti
Phone number +40 21 448 04 66

Worx Power Tools

Xringer 03-30-12 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard (Post 20999)
I have an electric chainsaw; a 16" Poulan and it works very well. And I have a Remington electric pole saw, with is a 10" chainsaw on a pole.

Is Worx the Lowes in-house brand?

Worx sells internationally, but I think their homebase is in Canada.
I don't know if Lowes is anywhere but in North America..

My first electric chainsaw was the one I got with my Remington electric pole saw kit..
I really like it, compared to a 2-stroke gas saw..
I hated trying to start that finicky little engine after it had been sitting for a year or two..
And, the noise!!! Dang!!! :eek:

WyrTwister 10-11-13 04:10 AM

I have a Harbor Freight electric chain saw . Used it some this summer to trim some trees . So far , I am satisfied with what I got , considering the $ 50 price .
I would have never gotten the chore done ( as far along as I did ) with a hand saw .

Bought their pole saw , but so far have not used it yet .

Dragging the cord around is kind of a pain , but one of the prices you have to pay for not dealing with gas + 2 cycle oil . And yanking on the starting rope .

The noise of a gas engine never bothered me . It sounded good . It was audible reinforcement that I finally got the darn thing started .

God bless

Xringer 10-11-13 09:14 AM

When I used the old gas saw, if it was a big job, I would stop and go find some ear protection.
Small saw=small muffler. I never liked trying to get the everything just right before
it would start.
Reminds me of a hard-to-start model airplane engine. Even with the hand-held
electric starter, some of them are a real pain.
The only RC engine I really like is my 4-stroke..It starts easy and looks like a tiny motorcycle engine.. ;)

oil pan 4 10-12-13 12:05 AM

Too many saws are cheap junk and you can tell by hard starting.
My gas saw is an old echo 440cs I rebuilt. Starts real easy, 1 pull when warm and no more than 3 pulls from cold.

I ran my echo out of gas about a year and a half ago and put it away, I filled it up yesterday and it fired right up like I had used it the day before.

I have an electric craftsman too, it put my old 2hp McCulloch to shame.

Xringer 10-12-13 07:51 AM

McCulloch for sale, $20 and you pickup... :)

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