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celblazer 02-15-16 08:10 PM

Got my Free Bloomsky weather station
So if you don't know what it is, it has a sky pointed camera, temp, humidity, rain sensor, baro, UV index and a solar panel to keep it charged. It updates the picture every 5 minutes and puts together a time lapse at the end of the day.

Bloomsky is running a promo and if you promise to keep it up for 6 months it yours, just pay S&H $20 Link to promo It took about a week to get the confirmation email and it was located in my Spam FYI. Shipping also took about a week to the east coast.

Unboxing: The unit, mount and solar panel all look very well made and sturdy.
Setup was easy and painless(needs a 2.4ghz wifi signal. Installation took 2 minutes it's mounted to a railing with the supplied bracket. Looked to be dead on with all readings today. It integrates into IFTTT, weather underground and Smart Things also.

Here my info: Station name: Skynet, location: 08021 Feel free to add me if you get one and put your info in this thread so we can add each other.

And here is the link to my stations web page My Bloomsky And my camera view is

What the unit looks like.

pinballlooking 02-15-16 09:00 PM

I think it is cool I applied we will see.

where2 02-15-16 11:28 PM

Application sent, other geeky engineer friends and relatives notified...

I noticed they're missing sensors in the whole eastern half of Maine.

pletby 02-16-16 04:05 PM

Application sent, I noticed one station in south Winnipeg already, just started up 2 days ago. That station reads warmer than reported by nearby Environment Canada stations. Might be poor placement. Will see how this unit holds up in some cold weather if I get one. Got the app, favourited Skynet.

jeff5may 02-26-16 02:02 PM

Darn, they ended the giveaway on the 18th! Still taking apps for the next one, though. Could someone please post a review of the unit, initial or ongoing? Bloomsky is selling them through their website for $149 without PV panels, $229 with, plus shipping. Not a bad price if they are durable and accurate.

celblazer 02-26-16 09:47 PM

Short review. I love it. Fill out the app for the next batch for $20 shipped you can't go wrong.

Temp and humidity seem accurate as does the rain sensor. Luminosity at least in smart things is useful but not accurate. IE low at night jumps up to 3000+ during the day and not much higher, so great for reference to turn light on/off not great if you need to know if your skin will melt off. :) UV seems to work well. It links to WU easily and the timelapse and pics are great. They also have Ifttt integration.

I'm waiting on my second one. I will either put it out front of the house for full sunrise/sunset coverage or give it to a friend/relative.

pinballlooking 03-01-16 02:55 PM

I applied on 2/15 but have not received a response. Bummer.
Anyone else get a response?

celblazer 03-01-16 06:43 PM

Check your spam folder, that's where mine came into. Also they have exhausted their stock so not shipping til next month they said.

pinballlooking 06-27-16 09:42 PM

Did anyone else ever get one of these?
I applied but never received a response.

celblazer 06-28-16 11:35 AM

Tons of people received them. On the smartthings board alone over 100 checked in getting them. I would contact Bloomsky and see is you application ever went through.

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