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pinballlooking 01-20-16 11:27 PM

Amazon echo
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I gave my wife an Amazon echo for Christmas. She likes to play music during the day and we ask echo about the weather.
Alexa has shopping list that goes to your phone and appointments...

I have a universal devices issy994i and some insteon devices home automation devices.
So what that all means is now I and have the echo turn and off lights.
You can say Alexa turn kitchen light on. She will turn it on. If the driveway alarm goes off you can say Alexa turn on porch light on.

Hey just like Iron man not that good but still pretty cool.

I use this automation to turn on my hot water recirculating pump when you turn a bathroom light or the kitchen sink light. This works great. (Alexa is not needed for this to work)

Echo (2nd Generation)

MEMPHIS91 01-22-16 01:44 PM

Back when I has my subaru wrx I really really wanted something like this in my car.
Does it talk back to you? Like tell you the weather?

pinballlooking 01-22-16 02:31 PM

Yes it is a lot like Siri.

flavin 02-29-16 04:58 AM

What is the difference between having siri,cortana and echo. Which is more user friendly?

pinballlooking 03-13-16 08:18 PM

The thing I like about echo is it is running all the time. We have had it a while now. We use it every day for turning light on and off. I bet 10 times a day. We use it for shopping list. My wife uses it to play music.
It is so worth it just for the home automation integration.

DEnd 06-27-16 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by flavin (Post 49347)
What is the difference between having siri,cortana and echo. Which is more user friendly?

I'm way late I know, but Echo is more user friendly. That's not to say that SIRI or Cortana are bad, because they are great. However, Echo is always on and listening so you don't have to push a button. The Downside is that it sometimes responds when you aren't talking to it. Echo also uses a special microphone system to reduce echos and filter out extraneous noise. A single mic system is just too noisy to always listen from a distance. You need to be right at the mic for you voice to overpower other noises and give a clean enough signal for voice recognition to work. This is essentially why you have to press a button on your phone for Siri or Cortana to work.

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