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dguzzi 10-31-20 09:46 AM

Water heater element for smoker
Do you suppose a water heater element would get hot enough to use as a starter for wood chips or pellets? I'd like to use it for a cold smoker.

I wonder if they get red hot in open air?

oil pan 4 11-01-20 01:16 AM

If you put full power to one it will over heat and fail. Maybe if you put 120v on a 240V it wouldn't.
I think you best bet would be to use an "electric grill" or a hot water heater element on a varrac.

dguzzi 11-01-20 07:16 AM

Yes i'll have to control it, probably only on long enough for good heat. Also overtemp protection.

NiHaoMike 11-01-20 07:18 AM

Stovetop heating elements would probably be a better choice.

dguzzi 11-01-20 07:20 AM

Maybe, but size is a factor.

oil pan 4 11-01-20 02:31 PM

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I was thinking start with something like this.

dguzzi 11-01-20 05:03 PM

I'm goin homemade on this, that is overkill for my needs at this time!

jeff5may 11-02-20 07:22 AM

Umm how about a hot surface igniter? They're used in gss furnaces everywhere.

dguzzi 11-02-20 09:45 AM

I think maybe that's to fragile, I would be able to clean a bigger element easier. Not a bad idea though. Water heater element is less than 15$, thats what made me think of it.

jeff5may 11-02-20 10:17 AM

I'm guessing you could find an electric charcoal starter locally for around 9.95. Most are not tiny, use about 500 watts, and last a long, long time. I believe the one collecting dust in the garage is at least 30 years old. Think sporting goods or farm stores with a decent camping department.

Another idea is an element from a toaster oven.

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