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gasstingy 07-08-16 09:24 AM

Walmart 60w(e) LED review
Walmart "Great Value" 60w(e) equivalent LED 5000k. Finally found an Energy star rated LED that didn't cost more than I was willing to pay. Picked up 3 two-packs of 60w(e), 800 lumen, 5000k {daylight} bulbs to replace the 60w(e) 2700k CFL's over the master bathroom sink. The Non-Dimmable 2-pack was $5.47 plus tax!

Before installing them though, I grabbed our only table lamp and the Kill-A-Watt meter to check out what my energy consumption was & would be. The CFL was 13w per the printing on the base of the bulb. Kill-A-Watt said 13 to start it, then dropped to 11. I tested one of these bulbs when they were nearly new and remember that it read 13w over a period of a minute or so that I was watching. I have no idea why it could consume less now.

Moving on, the energy usage on the box the LED came in said 8w. The Kill-A-Watt never really settled on 8w though. It went from 8w to 9w and back and forth. I tested the other LED in the same pack and it was steady at 9w.

I was expecting the energy usage difference to be from 13 to 8 for a 5w difference, but it seems it is at least a 2w improvement, perhaps a little more. Since the light bar holds 6 bulbs, I'll call it 66w total before {best case} down to 54w for an 18% improvement.

The difference between the apparent light in the room is hard to quantify. It is huge! Those LED's dramatically change the rooms personality and my wife is very, very happy with the results. So, tonight I'm going to take 5 of them out and install them in the ceiling fan in my living room and see how they compare to the 75w(e), 5000k CFL's in there. Since the bathroom is so much brighter, I think I may be able to use these instead of the 75w(e) in the LR now. If I do, I'll test the 75w(e) and see what I get. Will update this after the weekend.

gasstingy 07-12-16 01:56 PM

To follow up on my original post, I did put the 5 LED 60w(e) in place of the 75w(e) CFL's in the ceiling fan in the LR and I was more than pleased with the results. OTOH, the wife wasn't satisfied that they were bright enough. I'd say her desired light level would lead to the occasional sunburn, but don't tell her I said that!

I admit we need a rather large amount of light in the LR because the walls and ceiling are painted a color called "late tomato," a fairly dark color. So, when 75w(e) LED's come down in price somewhat, we'll get them.

DavidChapman 01-28-20 05:02 AM

oh thanks, couldn't find it on the internet

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