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NeilBlanchard 01-21-19 04:41 PM

We had our best monthly total in July. The peak output is different than the peak monthly total. We hit 9.3kW (or maybe 9.4?) on a day in May, if I remember correctly. Cooler temps help the panel efficiency, and having full sun with a minimum of shadows is going to vary for any given location.

It is very hard to hit the rated output; for very long, if at all.

pinballlooking 02-06-19 10:28 PM

12.5 kW array we generated 823 kWh December 2018
We had so much rain in December.

December 2018= 823 kWh.
December 2017= 997 kWh
December 2016= 924 kWh
December 2015= 911 kWh
December 2014= 996 kWh
Highest one day December 2018 = 60.3 kWhs

We have used all our banked power for this year. :(

12.5 kW array we generated 1,153 kWh January 2018

January 2018= 1,153 kWh.
January 2017= 1,128 kWh
January 2016= 1,292 kWh
January 2015= 1,202 kWh
January 2014= 1,356 kWh
Highest one day January 2018 = 61.3 kWhs

Other solar producers show us your numbers for Dec and Jan when you have them.

stevehull 02-08-19 07:25 AM

Data from my 12.5kW Enphase system

Week Peak Power Energy Produced
01/01/2019 - 01/07/2019 9.42 kW 185 kWh
01/08/2019 - 01/14/2019 9.37 kW 167 kWh
01/15/2019 - 01/21/2019 10.5 kW 256 kWh
01/22/2019 - 01/28/2019 10.5 kW 286 kWh
01/29/2019 - 01/31/2019 10.2 kW 135 kWh

January 2019 Total: 1.03 MWh

Previous Month Total: 1.01 MWh
Year to Date: 1.03 MWh


where2 02-08-19 12:21 PM

My 4.4kW system December data:
2018: 397 kWh
2017: 442 kWh
2016: 377 kWh
2015: 322 kWh
2014: 422 kWh
2013: 359 kWh

2018 Annual output= 5,860kWh
2017 Annual output= 5,960kWh
2016 Annual output= 5,801kWh
2015 Annual output= 5,856kWh
2014 Annual output= 6,388kWh

January data:
2019: 410 kWh
2018: 393 kWh
2017: 438 kWh
2016: 343 kWh
2015: 426 kWh
2014: 384 kWh

and I had a lifelong friend call me last week to ask about Solar for his house. The main challenge is that he doesn't expect to be living in this house in 10 years...

pinballlooking 02-08-19 12:30 PM

If it is a DIY install, I bet he would make out just fine.
But have him talk to a realtor in that area and see how much more a house with solar will sell for.

Have him keep records before solar bills and after solar bills to prove the performance and savings.
A lot of areas it really helps the house to sell for more money. As long as it is not leased solar array.

where2 02-08-19 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 60579)
If it is a DIY install, I bet he would make out just fine. Have him keep records before solar bills and after solar bills to prove the performance and savings.

It'll be DIY, totally!! Growing up with him, and learning from his dad is part of the reason I'm so handy with tools. :thumbup: His house was carpentry 101, engine mechanics 101, auto body 101, and landscaping 101. My house was electronics 101, electrical 101, dock building 101, and boating 101.

We already discussed where his electrical panel is in comparison to the proposed array location (great location). He didn't sound too phased, and commented he'd already thought of that when I suggested moving the two attic vents that are on the south face of the roof he'll be using. (I love google street view).

I'll set him up with one of my TED 1000 devices, and gift him a Kill-A-Watt to get him started on where the current electricity goes... :)

pinballlooking 04-18-19 08:05 AM

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I now have some backup power.

Yesterday I picked up a used 15K PTO generator. It was a harbor freight generator that had 1 hour on it.
I have been looking at these for a long time but they are always too expensive. I made a offer on this on Feb 2.
They said no and I message back let me know if you change your mind. They sent me a message yesterday and we agreed on $700 not the $600 I wanted but a decent price for only one-hour usage.

My tractor will not run it a full power but that is ok I really don’t need full power. I will use the 50 amp plug that is 12.5 KW. My tractor is 19 hp at the PTO that puts me at about 9.5 KW they say 2 HP per 1 KW.
My Geo thermal on the second stage heat is 2.8KW that gives me lots of power for other stuff and the Geo runs mostly on the first stage 1.8Kw for heat and less for cooling.

My tractor is a 3 cylinder diesel water cooled and it should run a long time on a tank of diesel.
I have a older 5Kw gas gen that I will tune up and sell.
This should be able to run my welder. It will be nice to be able to weld anywhere on my property.

I don't like to have extra gasoline sitting around but I don't mind having some extra diesel onhand. It last long time and is not as flammable as gasoline. One less motor to maintain will be good also.

pinballlooking 07-24-19 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 59872)
I had been having trouble with my disconnect switch. At peek times it would make one leg have low voltage.
I exercise the switch it would work good for a while. As you look at this picture it was the top right below the red that was the issue.
Below that is a knife switch that has pressure to make a good connection.
I ordered a new disconnect switch off eBay knowing I had a new coming I took off the red cover and bent the pressure switch. (This was on Aug 26)
This allows it to have more pressure on the knife switch. It has worked flawless since then. I still might swap it out over the winter but not one hiccup with it so far.
I did learn that this switch has an override to allow you open the box without exercising the switch. If I would have known that from the beginning I would have found the issue much sooner.

This type of switch is required by my power company.

Will it worked almost a year (after bending the tab for more pressure) the but it started having one leg low again.
I had bought the exact same switch. This worked out great.
I was able to leave the steel box and the switch and just replace all the components inside the box.

pinballlooking 07-25-19 09:18 PM

It looks like the new solar disconnect switch guts fixed the one leg going low issue.
We have a nice clean solar production day. Good to have it back running the way it should again.
The switch started to have issues when I was staying at the lake so this month’s solar will take a small hit.
This month is usually a great month so it is to bad it will be lower. We have 1,360 Kwh banked so far for the winter.
I like to go into the winter with 3,000 Kwh banked but we will see if I can bank that much.

I bought a spare disconnect switch just like the other one. I got it for $37 shipped. I will just put it on the shelf hopefully I will not need it. if I do need it i will have it on hand to swap out the internals. It does not take to many sunny days to loose money if system is not working.

pinballlooking 05-06-20 10:21 PM

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We made 1,817 KWH
No more hiccups since the disconnect switch issue. Here is my last power bill.
700 KWH carried forward to be used next winter. Not a bad start.

We are not driving our Volt less with this crazy virus but that just means more power carried froward.

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