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b4u2 06-15-09 05:43 PM

it is a scrap iron business. marion iron

TimJFowler 06-30-09 05:07 PM

Starting July 1st, Colorado is rolling out a new "pilot program" for allowing rainwater catchment in the state. Unfortunately, there are many limitations regarding who can set up rain barrels around their home. So, it's not a complete legalization of rainwater harvesting, but more of a first step.

Regardless, congratulations to Colorado for moving towards more sustainable and logical water laws! :thumbup:

Roll out the Rain Barrel for Colorado |

Plantman 02-18-12 07:49 PM

I have a 1200 gal rain barrel for my greenhouse. It collects water off my barn roof. It is green polyethylene, which prevents sunlight and algae growth. It is buried in the ground except for the top foot or so to keep it from freezing. I now use it to heat my greenhouse. I circulate water through plastic tubing in the top of the greenhouse, which can reach 100 degrees when it is 40 outside. I then circulate this through tubing in the ground at night when it is below freezing. I use a pump designed for herbicide spaying. It is 12v, connected to a solar charged battery. It automatically goes on when pressure drops and stops when water is not used and pressure increases. I can also empty it by gravity flow using a garden hose when the outlet is lower than the water level in the tank, but you have to get the siphon going first, and it is slow with very little pressure.

d3vi1d06 02-20-12 12:59 PM

Some dude actually runs a business from rain water he collects. He uses tin roofs, gutters, filters, and pumps. All to collect and bottle rain water. He sells the bottles for $0.05 each i think.

nexsuperne 03-01-12 01:16 AM

It amazes me that you weren't allowed to collect rainwater. Here in England, we collect it and use it for washing clothes, running showers, flushing toilets, washing cars, watering plants and even washing hair. As it contains less impurities, less shampoo and detergents are needed. The bottom line is that our house of 4 people uses the same amount as a house with no harvesting system but only 2 people. We are on water meters, so this saves a lot of money!

gtojohn 08-03-14 01:09 AM

I've been doing gray water for a while. We've been in a drought for several years and this has helped my trees. I have a pier and beam house and installed a tee between the bath tub drain and sewer. From the tee it clears the foundation 3 feet and then goes into a french drain of 50' preforated black corrugated tubing. Between the 4 of us lots of water go down that drain. Using just the bath eliminates the floating macaroni. Washing machine has a 2nd drain which goes out the wall to another french drain taking care of fence line hedges. We have a front loader washer but still go through what seems to be a lot of laundry every week and its I'd hate to give this water back to the city after I've paid for it.

gtojohn 08-03-14 01:12 AM

I will be building a cabin this winter, currently off the grid, unimproved parcel without a well. I plan on using several 275 gallon IBC used for $75 ea. Until I get a well rainwater and gray water will be our only source until the lake fills up another 30'.

jbarb2903 10-25-14 04:37 AM

I agree with tony, bigger diameter pipe

bennelson 12-21-14 07:09 PM

I love the idea of collecting rain water and using it instead of city water or even well water, wasting electricity and wear and tear to run a pump.

However, so many systems are ONE 55-gallon drum. That's just NOT a lot of water compared to what nearly any roof can provide.

I help build a rain-water collection system at my parent's house. We started with one IBC container, and then eventually expanded it to three.

The containers are boxed in, both for strength, and to keep light out. The finished box is is the same style and color as the existing building, so it blends in well. It's a pretty good DIY system for over 800 gallons of water.
DIY 275 Gallon Rainwater Collection : Learning Experiences and Future Improvements.

OffGridKindaGuy 12-22-14 06:28 AM

I've been collecting cloud juice since '89. Never had a well. Supports 2 adults with showers daily, water for the chickens, dogs, cats, and rabbits. Water for dishes and general cleaning needs.

We use bottled water for drinking but we could drink the rain water if we needed to. (Berkey Filter on hand) We use the laundry mat but during the summer, I wouldn't need to. It's just easier..

I collect from my roof in a 375 gal. tank and transfer to inside storage. I can store ~600 gal. inside to avoid freezing, which can support us for ~2 months if we are frugal. Pull it in, add a dab of bleach, and all is good..

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