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buffalobillpatrick 06-22-14 06:20 PM

Stupid Pop-up watch video adds
What's going on with the Stupid Pop-up watch video adds?

They are screwing-up the threads. Difficult to read now. Blocks overlap text.

ecomodded 06-22-14 08:06 PM

No issues for me.

Is your pop up blocker on

lt190b 06-22-14 08:11 PM

try adblocker plus, works great

Daox 06-23-14 11:32 AM

I'm not having issues either, and I leave the ads turned on all the time. Can you provide a bit more info? There are a newer type of ad that requires you to hover your mouse over them, and if you do so long enough it'll bring up a popped up ad.

buffalobillpatrick 06-23-14 06:01 PM

just downloaded "adblocker plus" for Safari. We shall see

AC_Hacker 06-24-14 11:38 AM

Ad Blocker Plus

I'm using Opera. Just put in AB+, and free breathing has been restored.

What a relief!


buffalobillpatrick 06-24-14 05:42 PM

So far, they are stopped. Thanks

buffalobillpatrick 06-24-14 05:58 PM

Oops, I spoke too soon.

In the very first post in thread "Simple, Cheap Solar Water Heater is Made From Recycled Bottles"

Below the close up pic. of the bottles is a Play Video of NBA add.

Am I the only one seeing this krap?

I can ignore adds, but these block reading text in threads.

AC_Hacker 06-24-14 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by buffalobillpatrick (Post 38774)
...Am I the only one seeing this krap?...

I think it is a manifestation of your cyber-karma.

You have sinned.


buffalobillpatrick 06-24-14 06:04 PM

Yes, I have sinned!

ecomodded 06-24-14 08:01 PM

You may have a ad bug on your computer , if you do its probably Google ads, but it could be a more malicious program.

Download SpyBot Search and destroy (do not get one that is spelled slightly different)

Update it and run a scan , it will find any malicious programs that have downloaded themselves onto the computer.

buffalobillpatrick 10-29-14 07:15 PM

SpyBot Search and destroy is not for MAC's , which I have

ecomodded 10-29-14 08:49 PM

I use Avast with its sensitivity setting on max , I have had bugs enter an exclusion for themselves in Avast before allowing them to pass threw tests undetected, and be very corrupt.
Or could be your experiencing google advertisements in their unbranded glory.
Maybe get a pop up blocker of better strength than your current one , if it's on if not put it no doubt , I am sureyou know , you may well be much more computer savy than me ...
Also here:

buffalobillpatrick 10-31-14 04:03 PM

Thanks eomodded, I just became a paying supporter, that's probably it all along.

Would be nice if Moderator would just clearly state this.

ecomodded 10-31-14 08:55 PM

It could be titled in bright red bold letters so its harder to miss.

Or they have it in a box with flashing lights a few spinners and some pulsing words.
I crack myself up.

buffalobillpatrick 10-31-14 10:01 PM

I like your Smart-A$$ reply, but where on site is this spelled out?

ecomodded 10-31-14 10:33 PM

here it is : EcoRenovator - Powered by vBulletin

its a sticky under the first section on the 1st page , titled forum news and feedback.

Like I said it could use some red letters, perhaps flashing lights ? kiddng

ecomodded 10-31-14 10:38 PM

Funny thing is its the top of this section you posting in , forum news and feedback.

I just found it for you !

buffalobillpatrick 11-01-14 07:16 PM

Thanks, there it is. I tend to tune things out.

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