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Daox 02-11-14 10:54 AM

Welcome to the Product Reviews forum.
There are a LOT of 'efficient' and 'green' products out there. But we know not all of them really are. So, please share with us the ones you like and especially the ones you really don't like so we know what to avoid!

There is no special format for a review, just let us know what you think. :thumbup:

Daox 02-11-14 10:57 AM

I will be moving a lot of existing reviews that I find on the forum to the new sub-forum. If you think of any or see that I've missed one please let me know.

Daox 02-13-14 09:42 AM

I think I have most of it moved over. If you remember something you did that isn't here, or see anything that could be moved please let me know.

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