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pinballlooking 08-28-18 08:34 AM

Getting my Yard Man ready to sell.
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I might have to wait until next spring to sell this but I am going to try I need the room.
The hood really needed some help to get ready.
I used a green scrub pad to get off some of the black marks then wiped it down with lacquer thinner.
Some of the plastic hood was broken I added in some heavy sheet metal from a coke machine to repair and rivet it in.
None of this is perfect but much better that before.
I put in new belts spindles battery plugs changed oil new gas lines.

Daox 08-29-18 07:19 AM

Looks a heck of a lot better.

pinballlooking 08-29-18 07:48 AM

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Here is is cleaned up ready to sell.

My youngest son has been washing up stuff I have been selling off. He gets $10 if is sells.

I have sold 2 Honda 50's. One TTR 125 YAMAHA One 150cc dune buggy.
he has washed all these up for me and they have all sold.

I have a 60" trail mower and this mower for sale now.
If theses two sell I will be a couple hundred dollars away from covering the cost of my new zero turn mower.

pinballlooking 08-30-18 08:54 AM

The clean up paid off this lawn mower sold yesterday. My 60” trail mower sold yesterday also.
By selling all this stuff (dirt bikes and 150cc dune-buggy and mowers) I was able to pay for my new Zero turn mower all but $200 not bad at all.

My youngest son made $60 washing everything up for me well worth the money.
he was surprised when I paid him when the first two things sold he thought he was just helping out.
It helped me get more money out of the stuff and his hard work paid off.
He was happy and he did a good job. win win.

I have much more room in my grange I want to get to where I don’t need to move things around to put a car on the lift.

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