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pinballlooking 08-27-18 03:40 PM

Hustler RAPTOR SD 60-in Zero-turn lawn mower added DIY LED lights.
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I finally retired my old MTD mower and bought a Zero turn mower. I bought it from Lowes they give a 10% discount for veterans that really helped out. It was had a little lower price than normal also never a bad thing.
I wanted LED lights Hustler sells a kit for LED lights $150.

I went the DIY way. This setup uses the two existing bolts so no drilling necessary.
$29 shipped later and I have some nice LED lights I have used them a couple times and they work great.
I did not mount the switch yet because they have a 30 day return policy and you just never know. Once I get past that point I will mount the switch.

It puts out a lot of light. I was going to go for a bigger light bar but I am glad I went with this one.

LED Lights

oil pan 4 08-27-18 11:37 PM

I added stick on LED strip inside the head light housing on my craftsman mower.
Much better than the two 1156 bulbs. I could barely see anything after dark. Now I can see the difference between tall grass, short grass and rocks.

pinballlooking 08-28-18 08:54 AM

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My new mower has the Kawasaki 24 HP V-twin it is know for good power a sipping gas compared to other options.
I can mow in less than Ĺ the time using Ĺ the gas I was using with my MTD lawn mower.
The seat springs rub on the steel under the seat makes noise and takes off the paint. I added furniture sliders to the top of the springs.
Nice and quiet and no paint rubbing off. The seat bolts are known for coming loose I added blue Loctite to those bolts.

The first oil change is at 5 hours then next one is 100 hours. I am close to the first one.

pinballlooking 08-28-18 09:28 PM

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The cover on the deck like to collect grass and will push off the belt if you donít clean them out.
I added 4 thumb screws two on each side to make it easy to take the off and clean them out. After the 30 day return period I will cut some holes in them to make easy to blow out the grass.
I have over 6 hours on it so time for the first oil change. I will switch it to Mobil one oil.

oil pan 4 08-29-18 12:44 AM

Use mobile 1 air cooled engine oil, it's SH or SJ rated.

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