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Daox 05-06-09 03:52 PM

Battery powered weed wacker/trimmer suggestions (bought Ryobi 18V lithium)
Last night was the first time doing lawn work this year. While my wife cut the lawn, I struggled with the gas powered weed wacker that was donated to me last fall. It just wouldn't run good no matter what. Anyway, I'd like to look into electric replacements. The yard is too large for a corded unit, so that leaves battery powered units. Is anyone here using one they could recommend? A lot of online reviews say they don't have enough power, but who knows what these people are trying to cut through either.

Higgy 05-06-09 08:04 PM

I use the Black & Decker 18v cordless weed wacker. I think a full charge almost does my yard twice...or almost twice. But the battery takes like...8 hours to charge. I like it, as long as I remember to charge the battery.

Ryland 05-06-09 11:23 PM

You could always make your own and put the battery in a back pack, plenty of power then.

Doofus McFancypants 05-07-09 08:50 AM

I have often wondered if you could build a backpack with some batteries and convert a corded tool into a cordless tool. Probably not practical - but a corder weedwacker is inexpensive..
I am sure once i actually think about it - the weight of the batts would be a deterrent...

Higgy 05-07-09 09:58 AM

I was just gonna say...that would be a heavy backpack. Not to mention that's a lot of electricity and voltage sitting on your back.

Ryland 05-07-09 03:15 PM

all you need is an old computer UPS back up power supply, has an inverter and battery and can be bought for $100 on sale.

squeakywalker 05-30-09 11:44 PM

ryobi makes one
Check out the ryobi one+ trimmer. Last year I bought one at Home Depot not knowing they wouldn't be available there anymore but they are still on ebay. One of the cool things about the ryobi is that it used the one+ 18v nimh OR lithium battery and it is easily swapable if you have a big yard. (I mow 3 acres and with a bunch of trees it to trim around I use up the lithium). They charge in about 30 min ~ 1 hr and again the batteries are and other ryboi one+ 18v tools are still available at HD. Do a search for the P2000 on ebay if you are looking for one. They aren't cheap at $100 approximately shipped to your door plus batteries plus charger but it works well and my elderly parents love it. Imagine not having to deal with mixing gas oil again and the pain of the seperate gas tank and jerking the rip cord until your sholder wants to fall off. Just a quick trigger pull and off again to the next tree. Mine is plenty strong with the lithium battery (P104).

Good luck,

PS Here's a link to one of ebay: RYOBI P2000 Cordless 18v ONE+Grass Trimmer & Edger"New" - eBay (item 140323749195 end time Jun-04-09 19:56:29 PDT)

Higgy 06-01-09 09:05 AM

Dang. I like my B&D one, but it takes a LOT longer then 1 hour to charge those stupid 18v batteries.

fishaholic 10-13-09 01:24 PM

My gas weed wacker broke so I got a new plug in electric model. Would have been great if it was 12v, but its 110. I tried running my deepcycle Boat battery through a converter. It ran till the converter started beeping and quit. After I turned it off and hit the reset button it did the same thing. The converter isn't big enough. I'm thinking for my large yard to mount a bigger converter with 2 batteries on a cart with a 10ft cord. Or I could just attach my old 12v trolling motor to the old featherlite and just use one battery. After all, I could troll for 4 hours.

NeilBlanchard 05-14-10 09:12 AM

I'm about to go buy one of these today -- the corded ones are more energy efficient, but the battery units are more convenient...

I would like to find a corded one with the motor at the top (to counterbalance the cutter) -- does anybody know of a current model that has this? If I can find a Stihl dealer... Does Ryobi or Troy-Bilt have one? (The Troy-Bilt given top honors by CR in 2006 is no longer available...)

I would love to have a lithium battery unit; rather than NiMH. My drill/light kit with NiMH battery packs have soured my on those... Do any lithium units come with 2 battery packs?

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