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Ryland 04-02-09 11:46 PM

kwh per month logging.
I want to see a carry over of the mpg tracking on the gas mileage sites in the form of kwh per month tracking and cubic feet per month of natural gas tracking so we can make it competitive to use less, maybe something in there for number of people per house too?, kwh per person per month? but really, per house would be fine and easy.

Daox 04-03-09 07:39 AM

Its definitely on the list of things to do. Darin (MetroMPG) has conveniently been finding other things to do before it though! :p He knows I really want this too. :)

Daox 04-03-09 07:44 AM

Also, we haven't really nailed down how we want to present numbers. Do we just do a total kWh (convert for gas etc)? Or, do we want to do kWh per person? Or, do we want to do kWh per sq/ft? Do we want to incorperate heating and cooling degree days into it? There are many factors and possibilities. Let us know how you'd like to see it done.

RobbieWT 04-03-09 09:04 AM

I know that my electric bills include the average temperature for the billing period.

I don't know if looking at kWh per person would work. When there are multiple people in a house, I bet at least one of them is using more than their fair share of power.

Higgy 04-03-09 10:17 AM

Not to mention if there are children in the house, and it also depends how old those kids are. I think per sqft is easier, and on a side we could put how many people live in the house.

Ryland 04-03-09 02:27 PM

I think it should be simple a per house kwh amount, in the notes you can put size and number of people, sqaure footage gets tricky, on that front I think I would win, but really, just having a way to chart kwh used seems like it would be fun, better then straw polls, if nothing else it allows you to better see your own progress.

wyatt 04-24-09 12:55 PM

Having a degree days of heat/cool or average temp for the month would make a really easy way to see the correlation. Also, there could be slots for water, gas, and electric. My electric goes up in the summer due to AC and the gas goes up in the winter due to heating. Water would go up for people doing watering (garden, lawn) in the summer, too. Not sure if we would want cost of each or amount of each or both... I guess like Daox said, lots of variables.

Sandcruiser 05-04-09 10:12 AM

why not include per house, per person, and per ft2 numbers? it wouldn't be that messy, and would allow people to get a more competitive basis going on numbers relevant to themselves.

I'm sure my house would fare pretty well on per-house numbers, but I'd get killed on per-person or per-ft2 levels compared to someone living with several responsible adults in one home or a couple living in a small loft in the city.

Daox 05-04-09 10:55 AM

I'm tending to lean towards that suggestion Sandcruiser. Multiple numbers will definitely tell a more accurate story versus a single number.

Sandcruiser 05-04-09 01:14 PM

getting a reading on each figure is pretty simple math... more seems better in this case (at least to me). I don't have natural gas, but think that would be of interest to many posters in cold climates.... I think an awesome addition would be adding in some sort of "tons of CO2" produced, but would require that people know what sort of energy mix their utility uses.... and would add complication on the server side -but would ultimately be the best level upon which people could "compete" as a kwhr made from wind just isn't the same as a kwhr made from coal.

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